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CC Ridge and the Swarm

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CC RIDGE is a 'finger' shaped extension with sharp drops all around. An abundance of flowers usually are present and the view is fantastic. Klaus planted a high cactus border around the western slope which has served as a barricade from fires and intruders. The bees also flock to the flowers for nectar and pollen.

CC Ridge CC Ridge -2 CC Ridge - 3 CC Ridge - 4
CC Ridge - 5 CC Ridge - Beekeeper Klaus 1 CC Ridge - Beekeeper Klaus 2

This is the SWARM at CC Ridge, Crest - The bees came up both sides of the canyon in a frenzied funnel shape - swarmed at the plateau then gradually eased themselves into several open hive boxes. The next day when we went to 'check' the new colony and they were still there.

Klaus examining Klaus in thought Swarm's arrival Swarm close. Swarm closeup. Swarm.
Swarm settled. CC Ridge - top CC Ridge - looking across CC Ridge - invading plant CC Ridge - across

This swarm was collected in the avocado groves as it simply hung from a limb; sometimes seen in the wild clinging from a tree branch, an eve of a house, or a thicket of bushes. At this point, one can simply put one’s hand ‘through’ the center of the undulating tightly packed bodies without fear of any sting as the ‘ball of bees’ is concentrated on queen security and maintaining the proper temperature for the cluster. When in this ‘stage’ the beekeeper can simply ‘shake’ the branch to release the occupants of the swarm itself into an open box. The pack will stay if the queen is amongst those shaken off. Final shaking the new colony hopefully will set up ‘house’ and the beekeeper has ‘won’ himself/herself a free colony – everyone is a winner.