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Klaus on desert bees Smoking open desert hive

The word to SUPERCEDE means to 'take over / make anew / get rid of that which came before'

The first clue that something is wrong with the queen / that the colony is not pleased with her reproductive skills,
will be a large amount of drone cells  – cells larger than the worker and ‘bubbled 'high.  

Drone cells Drone brood (male)

The worker bees will decide to feed the newly deposited eggs an enhanced portion of food in order to ‘grow’ the drone.
His sole purpose will be to ultimately inseminate the ‘new’ queens.

When the hive begins to create new queen cells (long peanut shaped cells)

Superceding = new queen cell

the beekeeper knows that the existing queen is not doing a very good job and that her days are numbered;
that the colony does not approve of her and has lost confidence in her ability to create a productive hive,
so they/the colony will feed one, two or more of her eggs with a 'special enzyme' mixture (royal jelly)
which in turn will produce a new queen.

As the colony has created several new queens to increase their chances of survival and,
as only ONE queen will rule the hive,

Queen cell circled

the queens upon emerging from their ‘birth cell’ will either fight to the death
(queen stingers are only reserved for other queens), live side by side (I have only seen that once in 35+ years)

Queen cell already opened

or swarm


taking with them colony members to start their own new colony elsewhere.

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