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KLAUSESBEES went to visit the bees housed in one of the most heavily attended parks in Paris - throngs of people and bees cohabitating in HARMONY ~ oh that the Americans could learn.

Les Jardins du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Gardens, is the second largest public park in Paris (56 acres / 22.5 hectares) located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is itself housed in the Luxembourg Palace. The garden is largely devoted to a green parterre of gravel and lawn populated with statues and centered on a large octagonal basin of water, with a central jet of water; in it children sail model boats. The garden is famed for its calm atmosphere.

Surrounding the basin on the raised balustraded terraces are a series of statues of former French queens, saints and copies after the Antique. In the southwest corner, there is an orchard of apple and pear trees and the théâtre des marionnettes (puppet theatre). The gardens include a large fenced-in playground for young children and their parents, a vintage carousel and houses a well known Apiary. In addition, free musical performances are presented in a gazebo on the grounds and there is a small cafe restaurant nearby, under the trees, with both indoor and outdoor seating from which many people enjoy the music over a glass of wine. The orangerie displays art, photography and sculptures.


Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) MAP Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0226s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0227s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0229s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0230s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0232s
Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0234s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0237s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0245s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0246s Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) IMG_0248s

The First Apiary 1856 - Henri Hamet - created space in the Springtime by permission of General Marquis d"Hautpoul, by a Senate referendum - destroyed in 1866 due to the transformation of urbanization it was reestablished in 1872 with special attention to techniques and procurement of honey which was then sold in autumn and in 1991 the Apiary became a permanent visual in central Paris. Many followed and all are located in PLAIN SIGHT of the community - with Apiary schools and associations abounding. Business offices proudly display them in board rooms.


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IMG_0255s IMG_0256s IMG_0257s IMG_0259s / Francoise Bartouilket and Erika WainDecker IMG_0260s IMG_0261s
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