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The Mesa (AKA Bee Flats and The Tipi)

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The Mesa is privately owned land, stretching hundreds of acres overlooking civilization below, smack in the middle of government owned forest land.

Deer, wildcat, bears and hikers, naked and clad alike, roam the Mesa –.

On the way to the Mesa Mesa - cucumbers Mesa - flowering bush Mesa - poppies Mesa - plain
Mesa - flora Mesa - tipi start Mesa - looking outward Mesa - Klaus using a bear back scratcher Mesa - tipip
Mesa - looking toward civilization Mesa - flora 2 Mesa - edge of the world

Klaus Koepfli, founder of Klausesbees.com, has been a friend to the owners for the last 30 years, and hence has had bees up at the Mesa, Tipi – a high producer of wild flower honey.

beekeep Mesa - beginning of setup Mesa - checking water source Klaus Koepfli
Mesa - plains The Mesa Mesa - thistles going to seed

One can see the three and four small boxes atop the larger - those are honey supers from which the honey will be extracted. Honey housed in the bottom hives will serve as food for the colony. The hive colors are all different – easy ‘home’ recognition among the ‘high rises’.

Mesa - bees spilling out of heavy honey-supers Mesa - bringing in the honey Mesa - left side of site

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