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MAINAU, Konstanz 2013 - Mainau, The Flowering Island - APIARY

Mainau is a "flowering island" notable for its parks and gardens. Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden, created the island's arboretum, which now contains 500 species of deciduous and coniferous trees, many exotic and valuable, including fine specimens of Sequoiadendron giganteum (1864) and Metasequoia glyptostroboides (1952). The island also contains about 200 rhododendron and azalea varieties.

The Italian Rose Garden laid out geometrically with pergolas, sculptures, and fountains, and includes some 500 rose varieties. The Mediterranean terraces contain exotic pot plants, including palm trees, agaves, cacti, and Bougainvillea. The island as a whole contains about 30,000 rose bushes representing 1,200 varieties, and about 20,000 dahlias of 250 varieties.


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The island belongs to the Lennart Bernadotte-Stiftung (English: the Lennart Bernadotte Foundation), an entity created by Prince Lennart, Count Bernadotte af Wisborg, formerly a Prince of Sweden and Duke of Småland. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Lake Constance. Beside flowers there is a park landscape with views on the lake. There is also a greenhouse with tropical climate and thousands of butterflies. Mainau Bay is the location of the university sailing club.


Konstanz IMG_1594s Konstanz IMG_1622s Konstanz IMG_1624s Konstanz IMG_1625s
Konstanz IMG_1627s Konstanz IMG_1628s Konstanz IMG_1629s Konstanz IMG_1631s


Mainau Bay is the location of the university sailing club. Count Bernadotte formed Enterprise Mainau GmbH in 1991 as a private enterprise to manage the island for the benefit of the Lennart Bernadotte-Stiftung.


Konstanz IMG_1726s Konstanz IMG_1727s Konstanz IMG_1729s Konstanz IMG_1731s Konstanz IMG_1736s Konstanz IMG_1738s
Konstanz IMG_1739s Konstanz IMG_1740s Konstanz IMG_1741s Konstanz IMG_1742s Konstanz IMG_1744s Konstanz IMG_1750s


The Count remained active in managing Mainau until his death in 2004 but appointed his second wife Sonja co-manager in 2001. Lennart's widow Sonja Countess Bernadotte af Wisborg and his children ran both the foundation and the management company until 2007. Since January 2007 Bettina Bernadotte, the eldest daughter of Lennart and Sonja Bernadotte, directs the Mainau GmbH as the current manager.


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Konstanz IMG_1775s Konstanz IMG_1778s Konstanz IMG_1779s Konstanz IMG_1781s Konstanz IMG_1784s Konstanz IMG_1786s
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