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Building Honey Supers
(in our "relaxing down time")

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Breakdown Particulars

Aprox 400 roundtrip miles for pick up of wood materials 250 boxes - medium supers - these are used solely for honey.

    Items used:

  • 12,000 staples
  • Half gallon glue
  • 500 cleats (these are the side 'bars' used to handle the boxes)
  • 6 gallons of sealant for the wood
  • 30 hours of work
  • 60 gallons of gas for the generator used to operate the 'air gun'
Wood for hives Wood for making the super Nine slotted separators for frames Separators for inside the hive Ready to align
Glue the side slits Glue in between Slot jockying Mallet tapping the connectives Inserting front to side
Stapler - all connectives Spacer in place Completed Super Branding Iron getting hot Before branding and staining
Erika branding each box Erika branding prior to staining each box Klausesbees ID Number Part of the 250 plus

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