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The Mesa/Tipi Clearing Before Bee Installation

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The Mesa/Tipi Clearing

At the Mesa/Tipi truck load of 100 boxes of 4pounders 60 boxes for Mesa 10T bees per box+ (give/take)

Two cane sugar syrup drums used to establish bees (680 pounds per drum) keeps bees in place while they become acquainted with their surrounds - those buckets will be removed within days. Then queens will be 'released' into the hives from their traveling boxes now that the colony is familiar with her as they have been attending her with food as she awaits release. If they do not want her as their queen they will 'ball' her to death / suffocate or sting her.

The clearing was a five hour day of hot long labour + drive up and down - two days of prepping the area - clearing and setting it up - fence charged initiated. This is our first time BACK to the Mesa/Tipi since the fires of 2009 - two years and the area has overgrown.

The misty drive up Entrance looking outward High vegetation around drum Klaus cutting in the heavy mist Erika rakes Tennis elbow NOW pitchfork elbow!
Working the site in Nature's beautiful mist Cleared entrance area Cucumber plant Mountain lupins Lupins by fence
Klaus stripping Vegetation gone wild


We take the remaining 40 packages plus the barrels of cane sugar syrup up to Carpenteria for avocadoes - all in all to pick up the bees in CHICO (7 hours up and another back) then to the Mesa and set up and then to Carpenteria = 1,300+ miles. Started Sunday and finished Wednesday - market on Thursday and Friday - released the queens (at The Mesa) before Monrovia Friday's market early morning, then off to market - Saturday market day and Sunday we will check- up on the Carpenteria group and release the queens.

Beet sugar gives the bees diarrhea hence the use of pure cane. Corn Syrup is not good for the bees. The sugar syrup is more expensive than the corn but in the long run, the health of the bees needs to win out.

Misty early morning into Tipi Mesa Bee site - Tipi Mesa - 60 hives 100 four-pund packages Keeping the site clean and tidy
Tipi Mesa - Awaiting new bees Hives ready - Syrup barrels Sugar water syrup to establish Tipi Mesa - Installation of bees

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