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Bee Art

Welcome to our websites's newest addition.

Bee and Honey related art.

No Bees - No Humans
Landfill Art Project by Erika Decker

Bee Photos by Amateur Photographers

Watch Interview with Erika Decker
(see embedded HD version below)

Comments by video author Lisa Kassner:

Klausesbees is a re-cut from The La Cañada California Farmers Market Composite shot on Saturday, April 25, 2009. This is one of my weekend projects to expand my shooting, editing and interviewing skills. I liked this interview so much that I thought it should stand alone as it is very informative about the subject of honey bees

This Vimeo shot with the JVC GZ HD7 Camcorder in full automatic mode with the Monfrotto Monopod for improved image stabilization. Microphone is a Sennheiser Wireless.

This Vimeo edited using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0C and rendered with the internet template Sony AVC MP4 1280 x 720 P. Music by Sony Cinescore.

Please note... This video was shot while on location for educational purposes, engineering tests, and for my producing and shooting experience.