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Creator: Erika Wain

Hi Erika,
I'm sure we agree that good art makes a statement. Certainly your art project did! So much in fact that because of you I found myself immersed into a lengthy PBS documentary about the plight of the honey bee around the world! Thank you for inspiring my education of the serious issues facing bees, the food supply, and humans!
Best regards,

Ken Marquis

Proposal for Landfill Project

I am both an artist on canvas / multimedia (www.loonarthouse.com) and a beekeeper (www.klausesbees.com).

When I was approached to participate in this Landfill Project I thought what fun – make a statement – another statement, as artists are compelled to do.

Colony Collapse Disorder took 80% of our bees in 2007 – and 50% in 2008 - those losses were bought 'back' by importing from Australia - CCD is a virus that has spread all over the world – no bees, little food for mankind and in short, none.

So I thought I might do a project based on THE BEE –

Materials used:

  • One wooden box hive
  • Branded 1-969 registration hive
  • Plymouth hub cap
  • old wooden frames (honey, pollen and brood/babies)
  • shot gun shell casings/vandalism
  • Hagen-Daz ice cream wrapper
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Bee wax as hive sealant
  • Smoker canvas/hemp(smoke keeps bees calm)
  • Hive scraper
  • Starbucks (coffee/sandwiches on road)
  • Large and small carrier box for queen bees (UPS)
  • Plastic jar containing honey and dead bees
  • Wooden hive lid caps
  • Flora/oranges from sites
  • Klausesbees all cotton shoulder ‘going green’ tote

All bee related items float in a resin bath and are housed in a black plastic garbage bag The basic size would be 24x18”


To bring home an AWARENESS of the FRAGILITY OF THE HUMAN’S EXISTENCE – dependant on a tiny creature that most shun, run away from, swat at and in general are fearful of.


She is indeed a friendly ‘foe’ worthy of adoration and appreciation, for without her HUMANITY WILL NOT SURVIVE.

Hi Erika,
All I can say is WOW ! What an artistic statement you made. Looking at your art work I can feel your emotion. I understand...No Bees No Humans !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for embracing the Landfillart Project. Your art work speaks volumes. I do hope people are listening. I'll continue to keep you posted as to our progress.
Again Erika...a sincere "Thank You"!

Ken Marquis