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Barley Flats 2010

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Barley Flats no longer exists.  It is a dead zone for as far as the eye can see.  Charred timber stand as sentinels to a savage heat that took all breath away.  Nothing exists save for a sprig of green, here and there.  It is silent except for the sound of an eerie wind that ruffles no leaves, bends no grasses, lifts no flowering buds. There will be no HONEY from this area for some time.

Big Tijunga 4/20/10 Coming up to Barley Flats Barley Flats Barley Flats 2010
Barley Flats - 2010 devoid Barley Flats charred once blooming bushes Barley Flats foiliage 2010 Barley Flats 2010 looking outward

But lo and behold!!! Mother Nature has come back in brilliant force - flowers have sprung up all through the Crest. The landscape is incredibly breathtaking in its starkness. The mountains come alive in size and structure as never before seen without their foliage of tall timber. The ground once scorched is now bursting with new growth and all of this within a few weeks time- such a surprise!

bare yet regrowth Colors of fire Crest in clouds Crest ridges Expanse crest barren Out of rocky sand
Purple regrowth crest Regrowth amidst Regrowth crest Regrowth everywhere Yellow growth

As we wind as the sole riders on the roads through the back entrance of Barley Flats up through Big Tujunga we pass yuccas in glorious pristine cream colour stretching high and singular all over the landscape. One would have thought the heat of the fire would have sucked all the juices from the plants but no - the scorched bulb of the now outlined pineapple base gives rise to a tall sentinel. The many coloured wild flowers grow in abundance making the landscape look like velvet, soft and softly moving, swaying in the breeze. The purples, pinks, yellows, bright whites - the charred branches and limbs contrasted. The tiny ground cover that clings to the sand earth seals it from the winds. A bird of two float on high in search of other life. The ravens and crows have gathered to bury seeds for later use. The breeze almost whistles through the air as there is no leaf just graceful flower stems to bend and bow.

Mud flow at dam Backed up mud flow at dam Crest bare rock Crest new growth Crest regrowth
Crest wild flower Crest wild flower growth Crest Yucca Crest Yucca closeup Regrowth crest amidst

We drive up to Barley Flats and unload the bees from the Desert Bloom area - aprox 87 - There was no honey in the desert this year - maybe in this new growth. We place them with intent to return in a day or two to set up new fences as the fires have burned/melted the pipes to the metal. We will also cut the perimeter grass growth inside the fence and also outside along the fence giving a buffer; then set up the electricity and alarms to ward off any marauding animals.

Barley Flats Barley Flats looking outward Barley Flats ground growth Barley Flats new growth Barley Flats regrowth
Barley Flats regrowth Barley Flats defiant stick Barley Flats standing yucca Erika playing around The Klaus catnapping

We have made a mixture of powdered sugar and electrolites/vitamins to sprinkle over the frames - all natural - intended to boost their metabolisms. They are flying and very interested in their new surroundings as there is much to forage on.

Barley Flats prior to clearing and new fencing Barley Flats prior to maintenance Barley Flats prior to clearing Barley Flats fence partial clearing

With the surprise re-growth of the landscape and activity of the bees, honey supers are required as it looks like there will be a productive honey flow this year despite the fires or '09. And this is indeed exciting. A new taste for a new land.

Clearing Supers from the barn Moving Supers to truck Loading Supers and water drums

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