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Flora of Angeles Crest

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The flora of Angeles Crest was prolific this year but some of the flowers, despite their magnificent bloom, offered little to no nectar for the bees. And without nectar and pollen, the bee starves, hence many of our sites had to be thinned out and moved to the alfalfa fields in Lancaster.

These are some of the flowers:

  • Buckwheat tends to give the bees a ‘high’ - makes them crazy. The flower was prolific all over the Crest.
  • Comfrey is a plant highly valued for its medicinal traits – anti carcenigenous - made into a tea. Originally a weed from the Mid West imported. The bees were very busy. It thrives on disturbed ground along the road side and into the interior. The cucumbers are not eatable to humans.
  • Sumac gives nice honey and when in bloom the bees love it.
  • Scotch Broom which is ubiquitous is a non nectar bloom. The bees are never seen attending it.

Buckwheat CC Ridge - Luppins CC Ridge - Luppins 2 Comfrey - Northside Crestmount Comfrey - Throughout northside
Crest - Cucumbers Crest - Flowers Crest 2 Crest 3 Crest 4
Crest - Sumac Mountain tree Scotch Broom Scotch Broom close Crest Buckwheat
Crest flora Crest flower Crest flowers Flora Flora Crest
Mountain flowers Mountain flowers 2 Mountain Buckwheat Crest mountain flowers Crest wild flowers

Bee activity on Brown Mountain Comfrey Waterway structure at Brown Mountain

Brown Mountain - bee on comfrey Brown Mountain - bee on comfrey 2 Brown Mountain - comfrey Brown Mountain - comfrey 2
Brown Mountain - flora Crest bloom Brown Mountain - waterway 2 Brown Mountain - waterway 1

2008 -The Year of the YUCCA throughout the Angeles Crest Oddly enough there is no nectar for the bees as they never frequent the blossom -

Yucca - stage 1 Yucca - stage 2 Yucca - stage 3 Yucca - in bloom
Yucca - in full bloom Yucca - forest Yucca - heart

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